Introducing SmartBilling Pro

Let us manage your entire insurance claim filing process—from the minute you finish a session until you’ve been paid.

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Insurance, solved.

Accepting insurance is one of the biggest challenges in growing a private practice—until now. With SmartBilling Pro, we’ve taken away the hassle of accepting clients with insurance and turned it into a growth opportunity.

Stay Focused.

Insurance is our problem, not yours. Our expert SmartBilling team eliminates the burden of the insurance billing process—so you can focus on serving your clients.

Get Paid.

Don’t worry about calling insurance companies or figuring out the best process for insurance billing. Our expert team takes care of the entire insurance claim filing process.

Grow Your Business.

Insurance shouldn’t stop you from thriving as a private practice. We’re your partner in making sure you have everything you need to reach your goals as a business owner.

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It’s one less thing I have to worry about.

I got into this business because I knew I wanted to help people, and it’s extremely motivating to know that with SmartBilling Pro I’ll always get paid. That peace of mind - knowing that I don’t have to deal with payment issues - is great. All I have to do is schedule the appointment, see my patients, and the payments are taken care of. There’s just no hassle! It’s one less thing I have to worry about.